New Website

I’ve revamped my website.  I have to say it was easier said then done.  It was so hard to choose from the multitude of styles.  I must say I am fickle when it comes to picking a template.  Knowing this about myself I picked neutral, so I can’t get sick of it.  Check it out:

I am open to feedback 🙂

I’ve been busy with orders on my Etsy Shop and this is all thanks to my wonderful Etsy team.  They’re so knowledgeable and have helped me grow as a seller.  Big points – take quality photo’s, have excellent titles and tags that also match, have a lot of listings in order to be found.  I’m in such a tough category.  Jewelry has 5 million items.    But through hard work and determination, I’m being found.

I’m finding that my personalized hand stamped jewelry is quite popular.  I really like creating those for clients.  They’re so meaningful and act as a lovely keepsake.  For instance, my custom dates ring is a versatile piece as you can customize it to your liking, memorializing any special event.

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