Twisted Turban

Awesome DIY by Cotton Curl

1. Measure around your head and double it. Cut the fabric to that length and your desired width x 2. Unless you want the turban to be thinner then don’t double the width and hem the ends, unless its knit then just leave be because it doesn’t fray.
2. Sew the piece hot dog style leaving an inch un-sewn on each end
3. Turn right side out.
4. Fold in half
5. Sew the ends together by pining the insides together.
6. You will be left with a hole. Pin and top stitch (stitch on top) it closed.
7. Place the new seam in the center of the band. Twist once.
8. Twist twice.
9. open the ends with your hands and slip them onto each other.
10. Pull a little to tighten the now knotted/twisted band.
11. Tack permanently the backs together, and the top if you like. You tack by sewing a few stitches with machine or by hand to hide and secure the ends.

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