We got a dog!  We got a dog!  We got a dog!  We named him Hugo.  After a much-loved book about a dog named Hugo, that my Mom would read to my brother and I, when were young.  It’s about how the dog’s owner leaves him for the day, and Hugo waits all hours by the window.  In the end the owner comes back, with birthday gifts and guests, and has a party for the pup.  It’s so cute!  My Mom gave me my old book a few years back, so I’ve been reading it to my 2 children and they also love it.  Hugo was a perfect name for this lil male Chihuahua.  I have always wanted a Chihuahua, I think they have such a neat disposition and they’re so cute!  They’re one of the most intelligent dogs out there (didn’t know that) and they’re watch dogs.  Not guard dogs, but watch dogs.  That will come in handy, since I can’t hear the doorbell ringing (I’m hard of hearing in both ears), it will be nice to have Hugo tell me someones here by barking.  It’s been really fun seeing my kids with a pup, a playful time for our whole family.

He’s 8 weeks old and he’s a sweetheart, with a hyper personality when you get him going.  I’ve been kennel training him and that’s been going well.  I’ve been busy training him the commands of sit, stay, no, and no biting!  That is a big one.  This one’s a biter!  I’m nipping that nonsense in the bud.  It’s hard, but it’s like having a third child in the house.  A very cute and furry third child.


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