It’s that time of year, catching up on all of my appointments, including going to the optometrist.  You know what that means don’t you!  A new pair of glasses!!!  Most people are saddened that they have to wear glasses.  Not I!  I remember as a child I would wish and wish that I wouldn’t be able to see, just so I could wear goggles.  My wish came true in grade 6 and I was graced with these Harry Potter like spectacles.  I swear the diameter was 7 inches.  I loved wearing them!  Completely hideous now, I think I gave them to my Mother-in-Law.  She’s convinced the prescription I got in grade 6 is the best prescription for her eyes.  Go figure.  I get all of my glasses at Clearly Contacts.   The price is unbeatable and it allows me to get 3 pairs of glasses for the price of one!  These are my favourite choices:

The Cat-Eye

The Wayfarer

The Rectangle

Which one strikes your fancy?


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