Hoakon + Helga

My latest fashion crush is on Hoakon + Helga.  A one woman show run by Andi.  She is based in Alberta, Canada (woot,woot, we’re practically neighbours, being one province over).  She creates the most amazing, luxurious, hip, urban, leather bags!  I have never seen anything like her designs and I AM IN LOVE!  Also, she inspires me.  She is so business savvy, doing it all on her own, creating these gorgeous products with beautiful presentation.  Even the way she has curated her Etsy store, her blog, it is a class act all the way!  She also has a fabulous sense of style.  She showcases her eclectic look while modelling with her bags, and it creates a powerful brand image.  The unique name Hoakon + Helga is named after Andi’s Norwegian grandparents.  Her line strives to achieve a respect for the past and future using sustainable approaches.  How fantastic is that!  Andi hunts for vintage leather jackets to incorporate into her bag designs.  Though the bag silhouettes are similar, each one is different in colour, shape and pocket design.  The result is a bag that each owner can call one-of-a-kind.  I can’t wait to call one my own.


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