Tomato Soup for Breakfast?

I just ate ‘Campbell’s Tomato Soup’ for breakfast.  Am I nuts?  No, I’m in the middle of a wheat war within myself.  This all started on the weekend; I was shopping at Costco’s book aisle and I saw ‘Wheat Belly’ by Dr. William Davis. I perused through it quickly, finding out that wheat my ancestors ate was fine; people remained slim and healthy.  Wheat of today  is not fine, because it has been genetically modified; It’s not fit for human consumption.  I didn’t buy the book, but I kept thinking about it.  I decided that Saturday night, I was going to be wheat free.  Just to see if I would notice a change in my life. Wheat is a VERY big part of my diet.  I eat lots of pasta, breads, baking etc.

It’s Thursday today, so I’ve been wheat free for 4 days.  This is HUGE for me. I’m kind of going crazy.  Have I noticed changes?  Well, I notice I’m not bloated, sluggish, or tired, like I usually am; I definitely notice I have more energy.  I suffer from eczema and being wheat free for 4 days hasn’t made that better.

I went out with a friend last night at Prairie Ink (one of my favourites).  I did something that I never thought I’d do; I ordered from the gluten free menu (see I’m determined!).  Of course there aren’t as many choices; but they all sounded good. I started off with the ginger carrot coconut soup; Very rich and tasty. I then ordered the salmon salad, which was loaded with vegetables, with baked salmon on the side; That was a nice meal.  Last, but not least, my friend and I ordered a dessert to share; A gluten-free chocolate cake (I was very curious as to how it would taste).  It was very, very good.  It actually tasted like a chocolate mousse cake with cream cheese in it.  The waitress told me it was full of eggs to substitute for the flour.

I woke up this morning starving.  I couldn’t think straight, I was too impatient to cook my oat cereal.  I went straight for the tomato soup.  After I devoured it, I checked the ingredients list;  5th ingredient said wheat flour.  Argh!  I wouldn’t have suspected.  So I guess I have to start over.  Today will be day one.  I know I need to plan my meals better.  If I don’t then I’m thinking with my stomach and not my brain.  It’s funny, because I decided to give up wheat when recently, I gave up milk (mostly).  I’ve been drinking almond milk; It tastes FANTASTIC!  I love it!  Not to mention, I also have given up potato chips (my other weakness) for Lent.  I wanted to sacrifice a food that I really indulge in, to prepare my heart for Easter.  It’s hilarious, the timing, giving up pretty much everything I hold dear in the food world.  O’well.  It’s been interesting.


2 thoughts on “Tomato Soup for Breakfast?

  1. Erin Levesque says:

    LOL you crack me right up Ashley!! Man, I only WISH I could even think about joining you. As a side note, let’s talk homemade flour next time we get together. I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile now!

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