Monograms + My Daughter’s Pet

Monograms are wonderful! It’s thrilling for me to look at different letters and fonts.  This weekend, I sculpted some monograms out of polymer clay, baked, added texture paste (I can’t live without texture!) painted with acrylics (micaceous gold for the letter, cream for the base), sealed, inserted into a lacy setting and lastly, attached to a necklace.

It was a lot of fun. My 2-year-old daughter was right beside me, creating her own sculptures; she created a worm. She noticed her creature had a blemish that was kind of purplish in colour (probably one of my paints got on it) and she declared it was cut, and this thing needed a band-aid. After she bandaged her worm, she proceeded to cover him/her? with a blanket and put the THING to bed.  My 5-year-old son thought it was hysterical.   It really was.


6 thoughts on “Monograms + My Daughter’s Pet

  1. Miles says:

    Oh my god, you do jewelry (and all things pretty). 2 of my weaknesses 🙂 Following your blog now. Don’t want to miss out on these posts!

    Thanks for visiting my site!

    • clairashley says:

      Thank you!! I hear you, they’re my weaknesses too! You got me on another weakness; Tights/leggings. I’m almost afraid to click on that link you sent me. I might go a lil crazy 🙂

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