Working On….

I’ve been really busy getting my clay jewelry finished.  I’ve set a deadline for myself and it’s inching close.  It’s been fun going to Razertip Industries (they sell wood burning supplies for carving) and eyeing up their acrylic paints.  I love their selection and I’m like a kid in a candy store when I go there; my husband has to drag me out each time.  It’s my amazing Father-in-Law’s business and I get to go in after hours, yay!  I need to concentrate when I pick my paint colours.  Plus I like to take the lids off and squeeze the tube just a little bit, so I can actually see the pigment.  There have been a few times where I squeeze too much and my hand gets doused in colour and then I have to buy it.  That’s okay, I’ll use those colours in the future. 

I’ve got to apply more paint coats to these pieces I’ve shown here.  Followed by varnish to seal the paint.  Afterwards, I can assemble the items with my brass components.  And then call it a day!


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