Treasury Fiend

I’ve said before, I’m addicted to Etsy.  I think that’s an understatement, considering all the hours I’ve spent, pouring over other’s images.  Seeing all the fantastic items other artists have created is so inspiring.  Not to mention, the ability to group it all together in a treasury form.  It’s digital scrapbooking!

For instance, I am obsessed with France.  I got a taste, when I spent a few summers in Quebec, however France beckons, especially French Countryside.  I am intoxicated by it all, and I know it will be life changing once I arrive there.  Maybe I won’t come back; much to the chagrin of my husband.  He wants us to move to Germany.   Pshaw!    For now I’ll daydream, while looking at pretty pictures such as these:

photography – france – …


Between Limoges and Cog…


French Mail Box. France…


In Flight – Pigeons Res…


Paris Photograph – A Do…


French Yellow Post Offi…


Paris Ice Cream Cafe – …


Vintage French Car Fran…


Romantic Flowers – Rodi…


Turquoise Door, France…


Paris Street Photo Prin…


Olive tree orchard in P…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

I was talking to my Mother, who is a French Immersion Teacher and we’ve decided that the three of us (I have a younger sister who is also fluent) will make our way to France together.  Now it’s really essential for me to  learn how to speak the language!  I know grade 8 Core French does NOT cut it. I did purchase a bilingual dictionary a year ago which is now collecting dust.  That was my great attempt at undertaking the language and I just forgot.  I’m bad.  I AM determined to watch the French channel religiously, study my dictionary and beg my Mom and sister to tutor me via Skype 🙂


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